Perception is a dangerous tool to obtain, it could run the innocent into the guilty, a sinner into a saint, and murderer into a hero. But what happens when you are given the ability to create your own perception, will you be proven right or will you be proven wrong? Find out what Nick Solitario does in the first episode of a future series, Night of the Phantom. 

Carlos Manuel Reynosa has written a novel that will appeal to comic and graphic novel audiences. Complete with heroes, villains, and people in peril who need rescuing. Night of the Phantom tells a fast paced story of dormant powers and revenge paired with an ending that tells you there is more to come.

— San Francisco Book Review

The author expertly weaves themes of perception, revenge, romance, and much more into an excellent storyline. The plot of the story was well thought out and easy to follow…I couldn’t take my eyes off the pages, as I was eager to know what was going to happen next. Additionally, Reynosa does a marvelous job with character development, and for me, this is the strongest feature of this book. Readers are sure to be filled with emotions while they read through Nick’s experiences. 


Nick is a tragic hero, but one with a tendency to cross the line of what is acceptable versus what is just…Readers that like urban fantasy with a strong dose of grizzly realism, may find a new favorite hero to follow in The Phantom.

— Michael Rado, US Review of Books