My Family
For giving me both what I want and what I need, and for supporting me through journey
Kean University writing Center
They’re too many people to thank, but it was definitely a group effort, and this book could not be written without you.
Vanessa Quarino-Gottel
For editing the chapter and giving your perceptive on the romance scenes. And keeping it real
EC Publishing
we had our disagreements, but when my manuscript was saved over with my draft, you helped with reediting and for that I thank you.
For the original cover design and book reviews
James Griffin and Writing Branding
For putting the fire back in me and encouraging me to put myself out more
Pat Winters Lauro
For teaching me about Journalism, I always thought of you as a mentor
Nicole Dagraca
For being supportive and always being there for me. For making me a better person